About us

Whenever you want to find suppliers of products and services in your local area i.e. Shahdara, look no further than Shahdara Market directory. Day or night, we’re the Shahdara online business directory that does all the hard work for you.Shahdara Market.com gives you so much more than just a name and address. Many of the businesses we list include useful additional information like facilities, opening times, payment methods, maps, directions, website links, photos, videos and lots of special offers.

Here is what listing at Shahdara Market Directory can offer you:

  • A backlink to your website helping build your internet authority and page rank
  • A html description for deep linking and promoting your business and it’s services
  • A quality showcase for your products and services
  • A thumbnail and shop window image of your site
  • A Google map thumbnail
  • An increased chance of drawing more visitors and appearing in keyword searches

What we do

We, at ShahdaraMarket.com, help communities thrive by facilitating thousands of connections each year between consumers who want to find products and services locally and the merchants who provide them.

We help merchants compete in the digital world with a broad range of marketing and commerce solutions delivered online and through our direct sales teams.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are the consumers who use our products, and the businesses, shops & establishments and professionals who benefit from our products and services.

We enable consumers to find local businesses and shops in new, innovative ways whether online, on the move or in store.

We currently operate in Shahdara market and its neighbor markets.

How do we create and sustain value?

We provides thousands of leads to businesses each year. We help consumers find local businesses and make purchase decisions – a critical role in any economy.

We present local and relevant information to consumers, however they choose to search for it, ensuring our merchant customers can be found, transact and communicate and act as a direct driver to their revenue generation. We help merchants by showcasing their business information across a range of media in the best fit for their marketing and transacting needs.

Products and Services

We help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) compete in the digital world with a broad range of online marketing solutions and websites.  At present, in the line of promotion, we are providing Free Website Services to all the shops & establishments at Shahdaramarket.com.

Shahdara Market Solutions

ShahdaraMarket Solutions is our ‘one stop shop’, allowing SMB customers to discover, choose and buy easy-to-use marketing solutions from IT Karobar designed to help their business grow and thrive. SMBs can also tap into a wealth of useful business tips and information in our Knowledge Center and, over time, participate in a vibrant SMB-focused support community.

Visit Shahdara Market Solutions at solutions.shahdaramarket.com.

Digital solutions

– FREE Websitesfree-shahdara-website

We help SMBs achieve a professional presence online with three flexible delivery options: do-it-yourself (DIY), build-it-for-me and build-and-manage-it-for-me, so each type of business owner is served. Businesses can switch between these options whenever they wish.

These Websites are automatically optimized for viewing on all devices whether it is a smartphone, tablet or computer.

All these Websites are created using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and our customers’ local listing information is distributed across the internet, on the major search engines, increasing their visibility, presence and reach, helping them to manage their reputation online.

– Traffic generation Our search marketing and display advertising products drive traffic to our customers’ websites.

We work with Microsoft, Google and other search providers to help our SMBs connect with a rich source of consumers and get the most out of search marketing and pay per click. We can fully manage the whole process for our SMBs, which can be complex and time consuming.

Additionally, through our online display product, we put our SMBs’ online advertisements on our partners’ websites, increasing presence and reach.